I’m promise this article wont be long.

Okay, A friend of mine asked me about “passion”. As we know, “passion” is overrated these days, everyone talk about passion, everyone told you to find your passion, “it would be happier” they said.


But don’t put pressure to find your passion. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s fine.
Why? Because there are no exact theory how to find your passion after all, it’s just “pop out” magically, like “love”. Have you ever been in love before?
You don’t know why, but that “feeling” grows on you.
Or just, like i said before, pop out.

If you ask me about my passion today, i already know it, but if you asked me a year ago, i could’ve said “not yet”. But, does it means i used to be not happy? I used to be miserable?

Fuck no.

For example,
My major in University was “Public Administration” do you think it’s my passion? Do you think i liked it? No.
But does it means i got a bad grade? No, i did pretty well. Got good GPA, I graduated less than 4 years.
Does it means i was unhappy? Grumpy? No, i was happy. I met a lot of friends, or love even i ended up going abroad to had internship.

I was happy.
And still happy.

Did i feel “empty”? No, Not really.

I was fine.
And still fine.

Instead of mourning “why i can’t find my passion”, I expanded myself to do different things, by doing it, i found what i’m good at, what i’m bad at, what kind of things that i hate or like.
It’s one step closer to find my “passion”.

If the case is “you already know your passion”
I said, lucky you.
But do you have to fight for your passion?

It depends on many situations.
If you have something “you have to do”, then you have to do it first.
Doing good on school, get a job so you can get money to make your goddamn tummy full,
You still need money to buy camera, if you are into photography. Or instruments if you are into music.
Heck, even coffee to drink to get you any inspiration to write a poem.

This is life.

If you can get money from your passion, congratulation!
If you don’t yet, it’s okay, don’t put too much pressure on it.


Keep expose yourself to do different things to make your passion “pop out” from your unconscious mind and keep doing what life requires you to do.

Do what is right.
Start there.

Don’t be egoist in the name of passion.

And keep it balance, my friend.
You’ll be happier this way.



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