Behind Vianstory

Vianstory used to be Vian Prasadana’s Twitter Account, the man who write this blog. The idea came from a project by Indonesian Musician, Kevin Aprilio, who made “Aprilio Story”. Out of the blue, the combination between “Vian” and “story” sounds catchy, though.

Consistently using Vianstory as social media ID, make Vianstory grows pretty strong as a personal brand. Telling you the truth, I tried to change Vianstory into a more mature image such as; @Vianprasadana or just @Prasadana, or funnier image like; @HelloVian and @HeyVian but I didn’t have enough heart to change @Vianstory.

Using Vianstory without actually writing story doesn’t feels right . Of course, it’s true that we can tell the story through pictures (Instagram in this case), but there was a personal urgency that Vianstory should have a written story.

Someone said: one way to find “you” is through your name. The name that you choose yourself. not necessarily like usual name, the name can be “The Mist” or “The Rain” or “The Wanderer”.

The name should represent you the best.

Me? Vianstory is a universe’s code to find me; “The Story Teller”