Blessed or Cursed?

Hello, how are you? It’s been a long time right?
I’ve ever wrote about “there is no ‘good thing’ or ‘bad thing’, there is just ‘thing’ and our perception.” That’s not my own words though.

Let’s make an example in a story;

There is a Prince.

Being a Prince, he lives in a prosperous life, everybody knows him, everybody respect him, he get everything he could ask for.

If he want to go hunting, his servant will prepare him a horse and gun and arrow and even pack his lunch.
If he want to go abroad, he got his private jet or if he have to take commercial flight, he would get the first class.

That must be easy to live as a Prince..
That must be happy, never feel thirsty, never feel hungry..
Have a lot of money.

“what a freedom” we say.

However, every other night, (crying everynight might be over dramatic) the Prince cries.
In his little heart, he wants to be a Football player.
He loves Football so much but people or friend he always play with never take the game seriously.
They respect him, don’t want him to get injury or feel lose.

In his deepest soul, he want to date an ordinary woman, take her on coffee shop, movie, garden, lake, beach or wherever like a normal couple does on a date.

He never able to do that because all the paparazi, guard, and people will always pay attention to him.

“I want a freedom” he said, everytime.

Same situation, different perspective, opposite result.

Now, Let’s take a look at our life and think, even with our imperfection, we might be someone that somebody wish they could be.

If there is no bad thing or good thing, (as i mentioned before)
it’s our decision to see it positively or negatively.
Being glad or being sad.
Being grateful or mourning all the time.

Finally, you have to realize, there’s no perfect life.
Not in your definition of perfection.

Perfect life should be imperfect.
Afterall, it’s your decision to see your life as a blessed or a cursed.



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