Small Talk

Hey, how are you?”
“Hey, i’m good, you?”
“I’m doing well too!

That’s it.

Have you ever in that kind of conversation? Me too, most of the time.
In this age, we are separated with a lot of friend we used to be closed.
Maybe they’re working somewhere in the different city or even country.

And then you missed them, and sent them a message asking “how are you?”

But you know how the proper way to reply that question?

Instead of replying “i’m fine” or “i’m good” or “i’m doing well
Which most of the time are not really accurate. (It’s an ultimate small talk)

I’d rather answer like this:

I’m good, now i moved to different city, you know, i got the new job
I’m fine, yeah, i’m graduated recently, now i start my job hunting
I’m doing well, just got my PHD last week
I’m good, i’ve been studying mandarin recently
I’m good, i’m into photography recently

Get the point?

Yeah, most of the time when i ask someone “how are you?” I really want to know how they’re doing lately and i’m not really like if i get “i’m good” – like answer.

Of course not to everyone you need to reply like that,
For introvert like me, i don’t really like to open up my story or life easily.

But open up little bit, like my examples above, doesn’t hurt.



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