Aimlessly Walk: Nakano City

Hello, I’m back with my Aimlessly Walk. In this post, I write about Nakano. Which is quite ridiculous, is it actually considered as “aimlessly walk”? Isn’t it suppose to be a journey to an unknown place? I know.. I know, it sounds unfair because I actually live in Nakano, but, I’ve never actually wandering around… Continue reading Aimlessly Walk: Nakano City


First Week, First Period

Finally, I've finished my first week of work life in Tokyo. Two weeks in total since I moved here. I've done as much as I could to get everything to be set up. First of all, unless kitchen stuff, I almost finish to set up my apartment. It's a small compact apartment, to be honest,… Continue reading First Week, First Period

Embracing Minimalism

Hello, as a man who listen to The Minimalist podcast regularly and read many-many blogs about minimalism, I’m ready to embrace the minimalist when I move to Tokyo. No, minimalism isn’t design language with all that white or monotone colour of stuffs. It isn’t that kind of minimalism. This minimalism is owning “less stuff”. Means,… Continue reading Embracing Minimalism

The Joy of Listening to Radio

Hello, how is it going? Which one of you that really into music? I guess there are a lot. Music is one of my value, since its my source of happiness, I don’t think twice to subscribe Spotify Premium. It become worth of investment. Sure we can always download MP3 through the internet illegally, It’s… Continue reading The Joy of Listening to Radio

Looking for My Source of Happiness

A friend of mine asked me this question a few days ago "are you sure you are going to Japan?" Of course, I'm sure, I replied. "You'd leave a lot of things" I know, but I'd get many things too. It's such underrated when I go abroad to live. While you might see my beautiful… Continue reading Looking for My Source of Happiness

Aimlessly Walk: Hello Little Part of Tokyo

Hello, again my friend, Hello, again my dusty blog too, Okay, I finally returned to Japan after almost a year, currently I went for an interview (and holiday of course.) I got so emotional when I entered a convenience store in the airport, I looked at the products, almost got me in tears, how I… Continue reading Aimlessly Walk: Hello Little Part of Tokyo