Looking for My Source of Happiness

A friend of mine asked me this question a few days ago "are you sure you are going to Japan?" Of course, I'm sure, I replied. "You'd leave a lot of things" I know, but I'd get many things too. It's such underrated when I go abroad to live. While you might see my beautiful… Continue reading Looking for My Source of Happiness


Aimlessly Walk: Hello Little Part of Tokyo

Hello, again my friend, Hello, again my dusty blog too, Okay, I finally returned to Japan after almost a year, currently I went for an interview (and holiday of course.) I got so emotional when I entered a convenience store in the airport, I looked at the products, almost got me in tears, how I… Continue reading Aimlessly Walk: Hello Little Part of Tokyo

By A Perfume, A Confession to Nagoya

Hello again, I've returned with a short post after a while. The content is not serious, so maybe its your cup of tea, maybe it's a bit cheesy. I beg your pardon, it's a confession afterall. So I have a handmade perfume that I bought in Nagoya's Station, Aux Paradis, the store located in front of… Continue reading By A Perfume, A Confession to Nagoya

We’re All Have that Friend, or Maybe it’s You?

Human has a lot of different potential in many different areas, maybe you have discovered yours, maybe your friends have discovered theirs too. Sometimes, you wonder why your friend who is really good at playing soccer does not become a professional soccer player instead of working as an officer, "what a waste of talent" you… Continue reading We’re All Have that Friend, or Maybe it’s You?

Impossible Year

"There's no sunshine This impossible year Only black days and sky gray And clouds full of fear" That's a song from my favorite band: Panic! At The Disco, the song's title is the same with this post's title; Impossible Year.  This song is dramatically melancholic, this is the last song on their most successful album… Continue reading Impossible Year

Understanding Overtime Allowance System in Japan

    Many people around the world have a dream to live in Japan. It's understandable because Japan has tons of interesting things to offer; the traditional/pop culture, the beautiful nature, the well-designed environment and the advanced transportation system. Everything that "on paper" can make our life easier. Unlike living, working in Japanese company can… Continue reading Understanding Overtime Allowance System in Japan