Homesick isn’t Always about Home

Suddenly, I read a blog about homesick. “How to tell when you are”, “how to handle it as an adult”, etc. I fall in that category. Of course I am. Otherwise why I bother myself to google it. Certain song, especially about nostalgia keeps playing in my head, over and over. Certain time, I wish… Continue reading Homesick isn’t Always about Home


Aimlessly Walk: Aoyama and Roppongi

By the way, why I can only write better when I write on iPad in a note apps called Bear? Is it a jinx? What should I do with my laptop now? Okay, let’s get back to Aimlessly Walk business. That’s definitely not a good way to start a new journal. Especially this is my… Continue reading Aimlessly Walk: Aoyama and Roppongi

I Don’t Want to Live to Work that I Don’t Like

And that’s not because I’m lazy. It’s sad to see most of those salary man looks so dreadful when they have to commute early in the morning or very late in the night. Wearing business suite that I used to think “it’s very cool” but now I understand that it’s a “trap”. Not only in… Continue reading I Don’t Want to Live to Work that I Don’t Like

Why AirPods Can be Your Best Bet

Okay, you probably don’t need another pair of headphones. But if you do, maybe Apple AirPods would be your best bet especially if you want to go wireless for the first time. When Apple announced iPhone 7 and removed the headphone jack, I thought it was a bad idea. Then at the same time, Apple… Continue reading Why AirPods Can be Your Best Bet

Happy New Year

  Hello, this is Vian, You might know me as your family, best friend, friend, or just an Internet personality you follow because of your interest in the pictures that I uploaded or article that I published. 2017 is over. Looking back, It was the year of “finding" for me. All year long. Earlier last year, I… Continue reading Happy New Year

Aimlessly Walk: Cat Street Harajuku

It's a clear Saturday when I had to go to Shibuya to buy something. The sky was blue, the sun was there but lack of its heat. It’s basically a cold day. What can I expect at the end of December in Tokyo? of course, it's cold. Also, what can I expect in Shibuya? of… Continue reading Aimlessly Walk: Cat Street Harajuku

The Age of In Between

“I miss it, I left many things behind, Of course I miss it. But I’m not regretting how insufficient all those memories feel in my heart, I swear. Instead, I’m glad that all those things happened naturally. Because that’s just how much I deserve” One night I wrote that poem when I walked home after… Continue reading The Age of In Between