By A Perfume, A Confession to Nagoya

Hello again, I’ve returned with a short post after a while. The content is not serious, so maybe its your cup of tea, maybe it’s a bit cheesy. I beg your pardon, it’s a confession afterall.
So I have a handmade perfume that I bought in Nagoya’s Station, Aux Paradis, the store located in front of a bread store (I forgot the name) close to a McDonald’s (underground). I rarely use that perfume even though I really like the scent of it because I might have to buy it again in Nagoya’s Station. So I’d rather use another perfume. 

But Goddamn it, scent is a strong triggers of a memory, indeed. Just like what Thalassa Cruso said; 

“The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind.”

Whenever I smell that perfume when using it on my body, I can’t stop thinking about Nagoya. I’ve been in many different cities though. So technically I have many other choices. With better characteristic for sure.
But apparently my heart chooses Nagoya. Is it how love works? 

That perfume along the song titled; Harujion ga Sakukoro from Nogizaka46 has really strong memories of Nagoya for me. Maybe because the song was released at the same time when I took my first step into Nagoya last Spring. Heck, I even put the album on the display cabinet in my home because I have so much respect for this song. (Or maybe because I’m crazy) Makes it the only music album on the display. 

What a beautiful spring. What a nice flower scent.

What a nice perfume scent, what a nice soundtrack. 

In this post, I need to confess my love for the city one more time. How I miss it too.  



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