Impossible Year

“There’s no sunshine

This impossible year

Only black days and sky gray

And clouds full of fear”

That’s a song from my favorite band: Panic! At The Disco, the song’s title is the same with this post’s title; Impossible Year

This song is dramatically melancholic, this is the last song on their most successful album “Death of the Bachelor”. 

No no, I’m not going to talk about this song, instead, I want to talk about how I feel.

Job hunting is awfully tiring. I know i’m not the only one who feel this way.

Recently I kinda “lost my bet” because I declined an offer from a company just to take a small chance from a bigger company, in the same industry. (I know I’m a bit greedy)

This is a big company from Japan that invited me to have an interview in their office in Central Jakarta.

And because I don’t live in Jakarta, it means I had to take a plane to get there, and it’s the second time in a month I went to Jakarta for an interview.

Economically though, it’s pricy, because I have to buy two ways ticket and hotel.

But sadly I got no information regarding the result, I’ve sent my follow up email to them, though. I still got no response, so the chance is I might unable to get the job.

Good news; I still got a lot of interview invitation from Japanese companies in Japan, it means i’m closer to work in Japan rather than Indonesia, and deep down, I don’t really want to work and live in Jakarta anyway.

Bad news; I still don’t get the job. It’s been a while. I hate it.

It’s just not good for me, mentally, right now I’m in the state that I don’t want to meet my family or relatives just to avoid being asked: “so how do you do?” “You get the job already?” It’s pretty ruining my self-esteem.

Have you ever felt this way? I think many people has ever felt the same way.

Day by day, my worries feeling grows bigger and bigger. I still don’t lose my faith in my ability though. I still trust myself that I will get the job eventually.

But the “worries problem” remains a problem.

Recently I read a phenomenal book titled: How To Stop Worrying and Start Living, by Dale Carnegie. Because you know, I need help.

To stop worries, you have to embrace the worse scenario.

How? You need to take these four steps by Galen Litchfield, one of the most successful American businessmen in the Far East:

  1. Writing down precisely what am I worrying about. (yes, write down, not imagine)
  2. What can I do about it? (You can write few options)
  3. Decide what to do. (Which option do you choose)
  4. Starting immediately to carry out that decisions.

I’ve done that, it does make me feel better.

Of course, the one thing to remove my worries completely will always this:

Get the job itself.

But those 4 tips still worth to try.

until then, let me sing;

“There’s no sunshine..

this impossible year..”





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