Good Career or Good Life

Good Career or Good life?


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“Why not both?” You may ask.

Well, because I don’t have a lot of options. It means I have to choose either one, at the moment.

Pursuing good career means I have to live where the good offices are there. In Indonesia, it’s certainly in Jakarta, of course, there are companies outside Jakarta which are big enough to offer us a big salary and a good career path. But the number (of the company) is nowhere near than Jakarta’s.

“So what’s the problem? Just live in Jakarta” You might tell.

Jakarta is the problem. 

Sure the are tons of job opportunities with a huge salary, but the city itself is sort of chaos. There are too many people in Jakarta. So is Tokyo, but Jakarta isn’t a well-structured city. I don’t know which one is the problem, but I need to tell you that Jakarta has one of the worst traffic in the world. Even worst because the public transportation system isn’t well structured, sure the are some options like Busway, Trans Jakarta, GoJek, Grab, Uber, Bajaj (the list still goes on) and currently building MRT.

But the private transportation usage is still come on the top.

Of course, the city still has to deal with water flood every year. Or every periodical time.

On the other hand, if I live abroad right away without sufficient working experience, I might have a good life, but I have to take a further path for a good career. For example, in Nagoya, I might get “intern salary”, but I got a good life.

Okay, so what’s a good life?

Sure your kind of good life is different to my kind of good life.

For me, I like if everything is “in order”, yes it makes everything predictable, kinda boring for some people, but it would make my life easier. I’m not asking a lot, I just want a great public transportation, because even though I can drive, I still prefer to take public transportation or heck, I’d rather walk.

While Jakarta is a lack of pedestrian area, so where can I step my little foot on? Because every road is vehicle road. It’s risky to walk along bike and car altogether.

Then just go to work abroad.

Talk is cheap because the opportunity for a fresh graduate is not a lot. If it’s there, I might have to take a further path to set my life to be settled, because I need to build everything from zero.

But a good life is a guaranteed.

I remember a quote from a book called “The Geography of Genius” (Chapter: Athens)

“Paradise is antithetical to genius”

Paradise makes no demands, and creative genius takes root through meeting demands in new and imaginative ways. 

Jakarta is far to be called as “Paradise”, that’s why it required a lot of response, thinking, imaginations and adaptation. It’s actually good for my “self-development.” Having dynamic experience is good for us.

Am I brave enough?

Who knows living in Jakarta can turn me into a genius?




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