iPad as Laptop Replacement?

Hello, as a tech lover, I never write any post about tech, I’m feeling sorry about that. So here’s my first post about tech.
When Apple introduced the big iPad Pro in November 2015, Apple wanted to convince people to use iPad as the only work computer. Because yeah, iPad is good enough as the main computer for the majority of people. But, if we talked about “work”, the thing is getting more personal and relative. Dependable. We might have to ask “What kind of work?”
Of course, iPad isn’t good enough to cover intensive things for a graphic designer or video editor, but for student or writer, I found it really useful.
In my case, as a writer and translator for a blog, I can use it as my main computer, I rarely use my MacBook Air (which is already has a compact body) since I got my iPad Air 2. Of course for work, I need a real keyboard, that’s why I bought Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard, it has a decent amount of key travel (not as great as MacBook keyboard of course) but it’s comfortable enough to type on in hours.
So, how do I use iPad as my daily computer successfully?
I think the simplicity is the key, of course bringing my iPad around + Keyboard is lighter than bringing my MacBook. Plus I don’t need to think about virus and maintenance, it just works.
The second things are the apps. There are many great apps on the App Store that already covered my needs. Here is the list:
  • Evernote: It’s a note app, basically I use it every day to write an article for my blog, write translation article, or just take an (i think) useful note. I love Evernote! Sadly for free user, we can only sync the data max for two devices, I use it on iPad and MacBook, so if I write on iPad, I can continue to write on MacBook later or vice versa. It’s so useful. Another recommendation for Note Apps: Apple Notes, Simplenote, or the most beautiful app Bear. Apple Note and Simplenote are free but too simple for me. While Bear, even though it has a beautiful interface, we can’t sync it to another device unless we pay the subscription fee which is actually way cheaper than subscription fee on Evernote. I actually willing to pay, but it’s just not necessary for me since free service of Evernote already covered my needs. Perhaps if Evernote deleted the sync feature for free user later, I’d consider Bear seriously.
  • Bear:
  • Google Keep: it’s also a note app. It’s free, it can be synced to our device as many as we can. But I won’t write a long article in Keep, it doesn’t feel right. Keep is perfect for a short note, like address, your favorite quote, or your own masterpiece poem.
  • Google Drive: again app from Google. I’ve been using Google Drive for years now, it’s very useful. I know Apple has iCloud, but can’t move from Google Drive. Plus I can access it on my Android phone. I always upload an important document to Google Drive, if I forgot to bring my iPad, I can open it on my phone or MacBook. Plus if there is something horrible happening to my MacBook, my data is still saved in the cloud. Thank you Google Drive, you are my savior.


  • Microsoft Outlook: this is the only Microsoft App or software that I still use. Actually, I really like Microsoft Outlook. Yes, I can use multiple accounts in Outlook but so does Gmail. The biggest reason is I can send documents from many sources, like Google Drive, iCloud, and internal memory, while Gmail on iPad only offers to send a file from Google Drive. Plus, the ability to choose what browser to choose when we click the link in the email is also nice to have. Why it’s a big deal? because sometimes I got the link for Japanese website and Chrome has the automatic translation for it. Even though translation website isn’t perfect yet, but it’s still quite useful.
  • Scannable: this is a scanner app made by Evernote. This is simple, everyone can use it, just capture your document, Scannable will automatically snap the picture and you are good to go. I recommend to scan your important documents and upload it to the cloud, if something bad happens to the hard file, you still have the copy on the cloud that you can access whenever you want.
  • Google Translate: am I the only one who uses Google Translate regularly every day?
  • Google Sheets: my translator team use this to organize the articles and the perk of using Google Sheets is everyone can have access to the same document. So we just have to make one document, share with your team and we can work together in real time, even though we are in the different place.
  • Tweetbot: this is what Twitter official app should’ve done! it’s a paid app, and quite expensive, but for me, it’s worth it. Why? because the interface and we don’t have to deal with the ads. I hate ads.
  • Spotify: of course we need music on the computer, right? who wants to work without entertainment in between? I used to use Apple Music, but since I moved to Spotify, I never look back. It has a better library. That’s it.
  • Google Playbook or iBook: it’s quite unexpected but I actually love to read on my tablet or my phone. I have already bought few ebooks, in the future I might move completely on ebook rather than the real book because of portability.
That’s it, now understand why I can do a lot on my iPad that eventually replace my laptop?
I’m willing to buy the next gen iPad Pro if my iPad can even handle my real office work in the future.
It’s still dependable and not for everyone, obviously, so does everything else. But for me, if you ask me is it possible to use iPad as a laptop replacement?

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