It Has Been A Year

Last year, today,
I took my first step in Japan.
It was an early spring but when I heard Flight Attendant announced that the weather in Kansai Airport Osaka was 7 degree Celsius, I might have a lot of confidence or naivety about spring that I thought it’s not that cold. “Meh, I can bear it”, but as expected, I was completely wrong.
“Holy shit this is cold!” that was my first thought about Japan.
It’s kind of cold that difficult to imagine by people who live in a tropical country like Indonesia.
Then I arrived in Nagoya, the city that even until today, is the city that understands me the best.
Of course, there are times when I feel low, down, lonely, questioning myself “what the hell I am doing here”,
and many kinds of emotions. But the happiness is worth thousand times, it’s paid off. I do miss the lonely night in my apartment, though. I often watched outside my window, it’s a perk to living on the highest floor, my view was wide, as wide as my thought.
Now let me enter the room called “nostalgic”;
Basically, I still remember the memories as clear as it’s just happened yesterday. Heck, I can even remember the smell, which road to take, the sound in the subway station as if my body still there. Well, my mind clearly still wandering around Nagoya until today.
I still remember, how I loved going to Sakae every week, I didn’t care about what another city can offer, I just need Sakae. I still remember that my friend told me “I think Sakae is your second home”. I should’ve definitely rent an apartment in Sakae.
I still remember, one of my favorite things was just wandering around aimlessly; I took the train, I stopped when i wanted to stop, no GPS, no internet, then i explored that small town and i always found interesting thing. I always took pictures, no wonder i stepped up my photography skill. Let me tell you this: it’s easy to have great pictures if we have interesting object. And in Japan, almost everything is interesting. Almost everything is clean and picturesque.
I still remember, how the most spiritual thing I’ve ever saw was this scene:
In that afternoon, i walked around after work then i saw a big Sakura tree near the bridge, the bridge itself is high enough so people can reach and touch Sakura easily. I saw a woman that looked tired after work, she stopped near the Sakura tree, she reached her hand and putted the “not-fully-bloomed-yet” Sakura in her palm. She observed it in few second and smiled. It was sweet smile. She didn’t pick the Sakura and took it back to it’s position. She loved Sakura, that’s why she didn’t pick it. (I know it’s illegal too, but come on) After that, she continued to walk again. It was a little cold that day, but that scene made me warm. It touched me in the spiritual level, literally. 
Have you ever in an odd situation but spiritually connected?
I still remember, how it’s nice to get back to an apartment and my roommates said “Okaeri” and “Otsukaresama” after that tiring days. Sometimes we met in the street after worked and walked back to the apartment and my cute mates said “Okaeri” I’d said “Tadaima”, people might think the we were living together. Well, technically, we were.
I still remember how every morning I bought a milk tea from vending machine below the apartment. Always the same brand. And sometimes I forgot to choose the warm one, so I ended up drink the cold one on a cold day. I miss that milk tea.
I still remember how I love Tebasaki, especially from Yama-chan (a famous restaurant franchise in Japan), actually, Tebasaki would never go wrong. It’s a deep fried chicken wing with a strong taste. The taste is amazing. Everyone knows I love Tebasaki. Yes, because I announced it to everyone. (I also announced that I love Cola too.) I would definitely go to Yama-chan when I go to Nagoya. Definitely.
I still remember how I went to Apple Store in Sakae casually and bought an iPad, the transaction ended less than 10 minutes. Felt like I only bought something in convenient store. No big deal.
I still remember the road that connecting Nagoya University Station to Nanzan University, I often walked there with many many cute girls even for Japanese standard. I still remember how it was like heaven, seeing young people after everyday living with middle age people in the center of Nagoya. Every time I walked with my girl friend (not girlfriend) apparently they are cute enough to be seen by another guy on the street with envious eye on me.
Oh, it was heaven. Can I go back already?
Again, I still remember a lot of things as it’s just happened yesterday. Or last week.
Now, here’s the question:
Do I want to return to Nagoya? Yes. Definitely. It’s a definite “Yes”
But regarding the situation right now, it’s better to work here first in Indonesia.
It’s for my personal development so I can give more to my future company in Nagoya.
I will return as a “winner” and “real capable man”.
Need to admit that I know many people and many companies that gladly would accept me to work in their office in Nagoya.
I don’t know, I welcome any opportunity as many as possible, I don’t know where I would end up too. If the Universe wants me to move back immediately, I will go, if they want me to learn first, then I will learn, and then go.
As for today, I would say,
I have beautiful memories in a beautiful city.
I will definitely return to Nagoya.
For work, live or holiday, anything.
For you, please visit Nagoya, who knows you would in love like I did?
2016-11-15 08.58.19 1.jpg

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