If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door

First time I know about that words is on my friend’s LinkedIn profile, I can’t say she’s a “friend” though because LinkedIn is such a different social media platform. Let’s just say she’s a connection on LinkedIn.
(I know that’s not a big deal)
“Hmm, such a catchy phrase,” I thought.
Because the word “knock” sounds cute, especially Nogizaka46 has a song titled “Taiyou Knock” that means “Sun’s knock” in English. Actually, that’s a quote from Milton Berle, the American comedian, and actor.
“knock.. knock..”
“who’s there?”
“i’m your opportunity”
Good for you.
but how if the opportunity doesn’t knock?
that’s how that phrase is all about; you have to take the initiative to increase your chance of getting that opportunity. Make your own opportunity.
For example, you are looking for a job. (like me, but I don’t want to use myself as an example)
You want to get your dream career right away, but sadly, you are mediocre as fuck. No company interested to hire you because you have no stand out point. Unless you are lucky, chances are you have to take a very little step to get your skill and experience developed so it can be sufficient for your dream job.
It might take months or years to arrive.
But that’s how you build the door.
You have to take an active step to take your opportunity. The time, the distance to take would vary.
So if you are not confidence enough or you are the person who has bad luck, don’t just wait and apply-apply-apply. You might win the lottery and get the job.
But if you’re not, let’s make an improvement. So people won’t call you “another mediocre guy”, “such an ordinary and boring man” etc.
Learn a lot, improve your skills, take the course, get a certificate, take an internship, are few things that will take you land to your dream job.
Don’t be naive and believe that you are lucky, don’t just trust your luck.
Trust your ability, it’s more reliable.

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