Brace Yourself for Job Hunting

Job hunting is scary,
If you are in the last year of your school, this might be your nightmare.
The time you won’t look forward. I guarantee.
Actually, for me, the time is now.
It’s been few months since I started my job hunting,
I’ve sent lot’s of application and I got a lot of interview invitation in return.
Yet me and companies seem to have a hard time to “match”.
According to, there are 3 things why you are rejected after you got interview offer;
  1. Lack of chemistry. Means you and the company are heading to the different direction.
  2. Over-qualified. Isn’t it a good thing? yes, but a lot of company refuses to hire over-qualified applicants.
  3. Too expensive. First impression? great. Interviewer impressed by your answer and your appearance looks great too. But if your salary’s demand is too high, congratulation, it’s your bummer.
Me? after awful lots of rejection, I understand that all those 3+1 are my bummers too.
  1. I’m too casual to be accepted in the formal company. But actually, I’m flexible.
  2. I’m Over-qualified to be accepted as a fresh graduate in the national or regional company, no wonder I got zero interview offer from Indonesian company. On the other hand, all the invitation came from international companies. But,
  3. I’m not good enough to be accepted in an International company. Because a lot of different things, it can be my Japanese or my lack of experience.
  4. Too expensive. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not putting my demand too high, but of course I asked my salary above Regional Minimum Wage. Why would I? let my CV become the answer;
As you can see, I’m multilingual, have international experience, and few different soft-skills.
On paper, i’m confident this qualification would be decent as “a fresh graduate” that sometimes has zero working experience, while me, I got 3 and 2 of them are Japanese company so it means I have 2 international level of working experience.
But yes, I admit that it’s still insufficient number because most of the company requires at least 2 years of experience.
But remember, however, i’m a fresh graduate.
Isn’t it still a good thing?
So yes, this is the time when I get frustration a lot.
But that’s alright, maybe, my time will come in very soon.
Until then,
Give me good luck and I’ll have a brave heart.

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