Sovereign Light Cafe

I’m sorry guys, I rarely update my blog recently because I hung out with my friends and girlfriend a lot until I found its a bit difficult to make time to write. I really meant to take quality time with my friend while they’re back home, you know, most of them working out of town. So I kinda made it as a revenge of my loneliness.

(I actually tried to open my Evernote several times and nothing came out, I got no inspiration. So yeah, that’s my second alibi.)

Now all of them has already back to their working city, only my girlfriend who is still in the college that I can see regularly and some friends who remain in my city even though we rarely meet. We’re all busy.

The thing is; i’m back into my lonely world.

That’s about it. 

Anyway, Do you know a British band called Keane?Keane is one the of the most favorite musician of mine. Recently, there is a song that I can relate to.
Not about love. This is about the city, friend and past time.

About nostalgia.

The title of the song is “Sovereign Light Cafe”, it’s not a new song, it’s from their album called “Strangeland” that released in 2012. You have to listen to it, it’s a great album. (i also put Spotify link, just click the title)

In short, it’s a song about how the 30s remembering their time when they were 15 or so.

The song begins with this lyrics:

“I’m going back to a time when we owned this town, 

Down Powdermill lane and the Battle grounds, (don’t worry if you don’t understand, it’s the road’s name)

We were friends and lovers and clueless clowns.

I didn’t know I was finding out how I’d be torn from you, 

When we talked about things we were gonna do, 

We were wide-eyed dreamers and wiser too”

It punched me right in my heart when I returned to my hometown and most of my friends already left this city. I remember when they were there. This city felt more “alive” back then, not much to worry about future, life, family and the other things, or we just don’t care, we’re exactly like a clueless clown.

Or Like a lover, bunch of desperate lovers. Then one by one has to go to, pursuing their dreams out there.


Yeah, we’re all a dreamer. Don’t stop us.
To be honest, adulthood is quite scary and lonely time, though.

“Oh, why did we ever go so far from home?”

Let’s move to the next verse that also very honest:

“Well, you got nothing to hide, you can’t change who you really are, 

You can get a big house and a faster car, 

You can run away, boy, but you won’t go far”

without my explanation, you already get the point right?

Feeling nostalgic yet?

Ok, Let’s sing together,

“I’m going back to a time when we owned this town..”



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