I’m Graduated, What’s Next?

I posted a picture on my Instagram last week that made “a statement” that I’m officially graduated, I have my bachelor degree in Public Administration Science from one of the best University in Indonesia, that I can write it on my resume

Proudly. (or no? I actually not that proud)

Actually I already “graduated” in the middle of 2015, I had finished my class and my minor thesis less than 4 years since I started to become a university student in 2011. 

Why it took too long to have a graduation ceremony?

I bet my life.

(Thanks, Imagine Dragons) 

I had (or still have?) a dream to work abroad and that time, the only way to take was to take part in AIESEC Global Internship Program, but they have one crucial requirement; the applicants should be a student. That’s why I shouldn’t be graduated yet. I needed to delay it. 

After long bloody road, awful lots of rejection, finally there was a company called “Haguri Net Co, Ltd” a retail company in an e commerce business in Nagoya City, that eventually become the city I love the most, accepted me for 6 months. Perfect. 

At that long period, I could’ve enough with Japan and Improved my Japanese. (Actually, no, I could’t get enough with Japan but yes, my Japanese was improved way better) 

But the only downside was I should take the internship at the end of March, so I need to wait from mid-2015 to March 2016. With my school and organization activity has over, I had nothing to do. 

Not even writing a blog and part time job. 

Oh, but the end of 2015 I helped my Choir team to take part in World Choral Expo in Macao. After the “choir thing”, I really had nothing to do. Trust me, I hated it a lot. 

The long waiting time is paid off after I had an amazing time in Japan. (HOW CAN I’M NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU, NAGOYA?) 

Sadly after I returned to Indonesia in the mid of September 2016, I registered myself to take part in the graduation ceremony, they said it would be a long waiting in line. 

They’re right. 

October passed, it’s fine, I need a break anyway after worked. 

November passed, still fine

December passed, panic. 

January passed, panic panic panic

At this point, I felt misserable; lonely, lost my confident. Worst right? 

Then finally I received the invitation in February 2017. 

So I guess I bet my 1 year to take an internship for 6 months. 

No regret, I’m the man. It’s worth it. 

Okay, so my school life has over, so what’s next? 

I don’t know, I just have to apply for a job, obviously. 

Indonesia or Abroad.
It would be hard.
But, Until I get the job,

Give me five, 

Give me hug, 

And give me good luck. 



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