Dolce far Niente

“Wow, what a development, now Vian speaks Italian!” You might thought.
No, actually that’s one of few Italian words that i know. But yes, studying Italian is on my list. 

Italy has a huge influence in my life; I love Italian food, I love cappuccino, Italy is where i want to go when i honeymoon one day, and My favorite football team is Italian: Inter Milan a.k.a Internazionale Milan a.k.a Il Nerazzurri a.k.a the only Italian team that never relegated. Grande Inter! Forza Inter! 

Okay let’s put this football thing aside before you think this is football post. 

What is “Dolce far Niente” really means? 

The literal mean in English is “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing”. First time i know about this words is when i read this best seller book: “Eat, Pray, Love”. When Liz (Elizabeth Gilbert, the author) went to Italy just to enjoy what the world has to offer.

Dolce far Niente is the thing i should definitely learn.

And you have to learn too! 

This is the ability to completely enjoy and savor a moment, (being in the moment is the key of Happiness as many people and religions has tought to us from thousands years ago) and that’s a part of Italian life. 

Don’t get this wrong, this is different to being lazy.

Dolce far Niente can be: Spending time with family, have a long conversation with our friends at cafe, strolling around, drawing, painting, reading books, writing poems, cooking or whatever. And not thinking anything else

Sounds difficult? Start with the simplest thing: enjoy your coffee or beer or meals without staring at your phone, laptop, iPad or tv. 

Don’t scroll over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Email too.

Those all would ruin your “own moment” than make you happier.
Just enjoy your coffee and slow down. 

The key is to make you feel good and relax. 

Take a break: a day in a week, an hour a day, or you can adjust it yourself, you deserve it.
Take a break and you would realize, the world still continue rotating even though you are on your break. Nothing to worry about.

I remember a quote from a book i’m currently reading: Geography of Bliss. People from Switzerland, (i’m sorry i should mention Switzerland when i write a post about Italy, those countries are really close geographically anyway) known as one of the happiest country in the world, said this when the author of the book asked him about “what is happiness?" 

"Happiness is when you don’t have to feel like you should’ve been in somewhere else, doing something else, and being someone else”

Be you, in the exact moment. That’s how you relax, that’s how you happy.

Dolce far Niente! 



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