I Got A Part Time Job

I know i kinda late to take a step in the “part timer” world, but here i am. 

Now i’m a freelance translator for MACHA Inc, a multilingual travel website based in Japan. They provide some different language, one of them is Indonesian. So my job is to translate Japanese article into Indonesian, so Indonesian reader can read it in ease. 

Currently, i’m still writing for my first translated article, it should be done in few days since i have finished the “rough draft”. 

It’s always my dream to work in a media company. Why? Because i love everything that requires creativity; i love writing, taking pictures, photo editing, playing music, art and… what else? Ah not as many as i thought.

Let’s put this creativity stuffs into my soft skill.

The biggest bummer for me to jump in this industry clearly because of my background study; my major is Public Administration Science. On the other hand my working experience is also different; Market Research Development.
While my interest is on media industry.

Three different goddamn things.

I have to admit, i can see myself as a travel blogger, editor, writer, translator with casual clothes. (eventhough i look great in formal clothes, i love wearing it too)

And i barely see myself working in conventional office handling automotive stuffs, export-import, hospitality, pharmacy and everything else. Serious things. I know, all job is serious matter, but you get the point, right?

It’s never too late to take a first step.

I don’t know my career path would take me where, but at least i’m trying, while also spreading my legs in the different fields;

Is it Administrator?
Is it Marketer?
Is it writer?
Is it completely new thing?

I’m open up to all the possibilities.

One important thing:

This part time job is a “statement” that i’m serious to chase my dream.

I still considering this as a “part time” because i still need a regular-mainstream job for living though.

But i’m keeping my promise to fight for my passion when i have found it. (I’ve mentioned it in my post a while ago)

I’m still fighting it, are you?



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