Oh Memories

What’s the biggest problem of someone who like to take picture?

That’s right: Storage.

It’s easy to take picture, especially using your phone, It’s just one or two clicks away. The same case with deleting it.

But you know what’s difficult?

Deleting your memories along the picture.

Recently i deleted a lot of my pictures because i got “insufficient storage” alert on my phone.
Actually i’m using Google Photos which automaticaly saves my pictures into the cloud whenever my phone is charged and connected to wifi. It’s very convenient.
You have to use it.

Eventhough my pictures is saved on the cloud, still, i still had to delete the real files in the local storage. And yeah, it’s still quite difficult.

“There, it was the prettiest sunset in that prettiest beach i’ve ever been”
“There, that mountain, the highest mountain i’ve ever climbed”
“There, these people used to drag me everywhere, asked me to play, now they’re are bunch of busy people”
“There, that planetarium i used to really want to go”
“There, my very first sakura”
“There, my birthday party, what a cute cake”
“There, fuck.. i miss those smiles, i miss those laughs, i miss those times with full of naivety”

“There.. here.. there.. and everywhere”

How can i have a heart to delete all these pictures? each picture contain a lot of emotional feeling.

But i deleted it anyway.
Because it’s supposed to be.
My phone was running out storage.
The pictures itself is placed savely in reliable Google server, so i can open it whenever i want to.

As long as i’m connected to the internet, of course.

Oh memories.

It’s true, you can’t forget your memories,
Good or bad, don’t try to forget it, it would never worked.

your heart doesn’t work that way.

Trying to forget it means remembering it one more time.
The right thing to do is to fill your heart with new memories.
So you and your heart can focus on the newest one.
Like i do.

With my phone’s memory card.



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