Talent and Appreciation

Okay, so you are a talented musician,
Or genius painter, or writer, or ballerina, or actor, or photographer,
Or melodious- melancholic-helpless romantic poet.

Or anything that related with art.

You think your work can change the world,
You think it has ability to add some brightness in this gloomy world.

But, what should you do?

Let other people knows about your work.
Why? It’s meaningless when you keep your talent on your own consumption.
Art needs appreciation.
Art without appreciation is meaningless.
Your talent deserve to get recognition.

Don’t say you don’t want it.

Even though it’s not for the masses. (Like i do)
Recognized by few people in your social circle is fine too.

Your talent couldn’t change anything until someone knows about it.
Who knows if your photograph might able to inspire others to grab their dusty camera again?
Who knows if your poem might can make someone smile and use it to propose their loved ones?
Who knows if your painting might worth million dollars?
Who knows if YouTube video might become your income so you can quit your boring 9-5 job?

That’s why, don’t be shy.

I used to be shy, like you, until recently i made up my mind that i should be proud of my given, instead. Show it off. It’s okay to showing off your talent, or what you are good at.
It would give you “value”, even though you may wont get any money on it.

This is kind of show off that is alowed in this world.

So, How to let anyone knows?
As simple as i do, if you are good at writing, go write in a blog then let other knows about your blog.
It’s a blog, not your personal diary.
Unless you write your diary on your secret blog.

Good with photography? Show it on instagram, or vsco or facebook or anywhere.
Good with acting or videography? Go make YouTube video.
Good in singing? Go upload it on soundcloud.
Or join a music club so you can have a concert.

Media is everywhere.

Whatever the media,
The purpose is to let other knows that you are good in certain things.
It will give you “selling point”,

Selling point will gives you pride.

That’s why it needs recognition, 
Because If someone gives you appreciation, you would feel good about it,
If you feel good about it, you would be more confident,
if you feel more confident, you would be more productive.


When the others gives you compliment, you would feel talented,
If you feel talented, you would be happy.

We live for the sake of happiness, don’t we?

Go share your talent, genius.



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