Mobile Photography

You may already know it:

I love taking pictures



(one of my favorite shot, Sakura)

I’m not really good with it, I just love it.
I didn’t learn how to take a good picture on a book, (or article or whatever, seriously) so I don’t know much about ISO, Proportion and many more.

I have no clue about photography in theory.

But, just like another art (photography is an art, right?), it’s all about taste. It’s true that there are some indicators that make a picture considered as a “good picture” but again, it depends on “taste”. Feeling. If you like my picture, you like my picture. No matter how much score I would get from you if you are a judge. That simple.

I got so many compliments about my pictures in the comment section or personal message.
Many of them asked me, either: are you really using a phone? What camera are you using? I said to them; yes, I use my phone. I can’t afford myself buying a real camera (yet) and I’m not that serious in this photography world so I don’t have kind of urgency to buy a real camera. It feels too much for me. (Why the hell I have to buy GoPro when i use it to take selfie in the dinning table with my friend or DSLR to take food picture then upload it on Instagram anyway?) i’m not adventurous person. I don’t need GoPro that is perfect for taking wide view landscape picture.

I’m not going somewhere to take pictures, I’m going somewhere and take pictures if I think I’d like to take pictures. That’s the difference.

I capture moment “unintendedly”. That’s why camera phone is “perfect camera” for me. A real camera is an expensive piece of gadget, anyway. I’d rather buy something else with the same amount of money.

Yes, I like blurry picture sometimes. Look artistic on me. Because for me, I appreciate imperfection. It’s easy to take a great picture with a great camera. But how about taking a great picture with a “fine” camera? That’s the challenge.

Of course, I use a photo editor to complement my picture, I use VSCO. VSCO has many filters that make a picture looks professional. Not tacky like Instagram’s. (personal taste)
I bought a lot of filters, it’s really worth it and not that expensive too! Actually, the free filters are already good tho.

I don’t like to overdo my picture, so I usually just apply a filter, then adjust brightness (if it’s necessary), and add a grain. (Making it look more like the picture was taken on a film camera. To add imperfection)

And it’s done.

I like to take landscape and candid picture. Because I’m bad with the model arrangement. One of my favorites is when I see someone, alone, somewhere. I can’t help myself to capture it. That’s why I have a lot of “lonely man” picture, right?

I don’t like selfie, it’s fine for women, but for men… don’t do that. Please.
And I hate it when I hang out with my friends, they’re busy taking pictures instead of enjoying quality time, what I mean by quality time is having a conversation. Come on, you guys look fun on social media but boring in real life. Take one or two pictures and then enjoy your time.

Using camera phone with its limited ability is an art, just like using Lomo camera, imperfection is the “art point”.

Let me borrow a quote from the winners of the ninth annual iPhone Photography Awards—an international photography contest that fosters iPhone and mobile photography— 2016

“Having an iPhone means anyone can take a picture, but taking a picture doesn’t make a person a photographer” Carolyn Mara Borlenghi, (the third winner) says.

Siyuan Niu, the winner of the competition agrees. “The iPhone is like a pen in our hands. Good or bad, the pen itself will never write poems, but the poets will.”




Oh, you can check my pictures on:

Or my vsco (where I put my best pictures on it)

I’ll put some of the pictures, here:



(a statue in Sakae, Nagoya, Japan)



(the travelers, waiting for the train)



(the walking girl)



(umbrella woman)



(Japanese Woman in Yukata)



(Japanese Girls in School Uniform)




more in




Capture wise, poets!




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