Jogjanese is Extremely Kind, yet Extremely Aggressive

Last week i had a short trip to Jogjakarta, Jogjakarta is a special region of Indonesia, literally. Because their official name is “Daerah Istimewa Jogjakarta” which means: Special Region of Jogjakarta. It is the only region in Indonesia that is still governed by a pre-colonial monarchy, the Sultan of Yogyakarta, who serves as the hereditary governor of the region. 

I had no interest of visiting Jogjakarta in the first place. But as an open minded person, hell yeah, i gave a shot.

I need a real vacation anyway since i had a tough months working in Japan.

It’s been a long time since i went to Jogjakarta, 5 years ago maybe?
Such a long time, but still, Jogjakarta still had that unique vibe. 

If you want to know the real face of Java, i can’t offer more than Jogjakarta.

Today, in this republic, this small kingdom (Kesultanan) still stay strong, as well as the culture, in every element of society.

Their culture is embodies with every aspect of life.

Heavily influenced from its culture, Jogjanese tend to have “polite and kind attitude” and they have such natural skill to serve people.

They have a good service.

Maybe because they are taught to have a deep respect to their Sultan, so they serve people or visitor or tourist as they do to their Sultan. (Of course in different way)
This attitude kinda life in their unconscious mind. 

You get my point right? 

But yes, they are extremely kind plus they are not forget to add smile in every motion.

There are blur line wether they’re really kind or they do it for money.

One thing that annoys me on Jogjakarta was the Jogjanese endless offer. 

They offer anything at every chance.

When i took a walk on the pedestrian, it means i really wanted to walk and enjoyed the town. Yet i had to respond a lot these offer: 

“Becak mas becak” (offer for traditional transportation in Indonesia) 

“Makan mas makan” (offer for food) 

Which was annoying. 

“Sir, i’m sorry, if i wanted to ride becak, i would’ve asked you, no way when i walk, then i get an offer from you, I change my mind. At least not right away.” My mind said. 

Still, i responded with smile, every time, because i know it’s hard to do that kind of “marketing”. 

Aside from “marketer”, it’s easy to find a “kind” guide or tourism employee that might able to “make your day”. Which would make you questioning this: 

“Are they really kind or they want my money?”



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