I don’t have related picture, but if it’s about happiness, this picture nailed the most.

Finally my Ramadhan is over. Can’t deny how happy i am. Why should i deny anyway?

It was the toughest Ramadhan for me ever.

For the first time as a worker.

And did it abroad.

Start from 2.50 until 7.10 yes, it’s longer than Ramadhan in Indonesia. In the end it’s getting tougher.
Why? It’s summer! Nope,it’s not summer yet, but it’s going to be summer but it’s superhot already: 34°. No wonder in 2 last hours before maghrib I always dying, everyday.

Many people didn’t know that i was fasting, but still.. I survive. I’m the man.
Stronger but skinnier man.

Happy Aidl Fitri!


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