Birthday and Karaoke.

So yesterday night we made a little birthday surprise for Kazuha san, she turned 25th this year. After some chit chat, few cakes, few drinks, around 1am we went to karaoke place, that’s my first time ever to go out so late, especially I was the only man.

It’s like dreams come true that happen in a single night:
-Doing karaoke in Japan.
-Watching Korean girl singing Korean song.
-Watching Japanese girl singing Japanese song.

They can sing. Not only can, but few of them are “more than good” singer.

What surprise me the most is the fact that we sang from 1.30 – 7.00, that’s practically a whole night.
I thought we would had stop around 4, but another song came out, followed with another.. And anothers.

We went back to sharehouse after the sun has risen.

Dope experience.


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